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Our family's Norwegian heritage PDF Print E-mail

Our family has a rich Norwegian heritage, the most enjoyable part of it to date being the food. Can anyone say lefse with butter and sugar? Uff da! To die for! My paternal grandmother's parents spoke fluent Norwegian (which they spoke when they didn't want the kids to know that the "grown-ups" were talking about), being 2nd generation immigrants from Norway themselves, but unfortunately the language was not passed down to subsequent generations. One day I jestingly asked (half mockingly, half for-real) when my Grandmother told me why she doesn't speak Norwegian (she had only learned a few words as a kid), "What? You mean we lost it all in one generation?! Great, now here I am trying to learn it all over again!"

But even if we lost the language we didn't lose the heritage, and we even have a rather detailed record/account of our family genealogy and history written by my grandmother's Aunt beginning with stories of their ancestors' early life growing up in Norway, traveling to America, and then settling in the United States. The account is complete with nostalgic stories and interesting Norwegian poems scattered throughout. Not a dull moment in it!

Perhaps the most interesting item of our Norwegian heritage is the old 1758 Danish/Norwegian book that my grandmother has, along with a more "modern" Norwegian Bible (printed in 1930) which we also have, which both belonged to my grandmother's father. The books were probably just as precious to him then as they are to us now, and at least he had the benefit of being able to read them!

[More to come in the future]

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