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My study interests are quite varied and range across basically any topic that brings more substance and light to understanding the Bible, the history of Christianity, and living the Christian life. In an attempt to account for some portion of my study interests though the bigger ones are broadly outlined below:

- Archaeology of ancient Israel, particularly of the Old Testament period.

- ANE (Ancient Near Eastern) History, to provide cultural and historical context for the writings in the Bible.

- Systematic & Biblical Theology, Pneumatology, and Soteriology. Essentially seeking to understand the salvation history of God as outwardly manifested/shown to the world and also the internal spiritual realities, unseen to the eye - but inwardly wrought, of those who have been hidden in Christ and justified by Him.  

- The history of the textual transmission of the Bible.

- Textual criticism (as exhausting as it is) to arrive at the most original reading of Scripture possible.

- Church history (Especially in Medieval Europe up to the time of the Reformation).

- Study of the original biblical languages, and examining similar languages that can shed lingiustic light on the biblical languages. Represented in my site's banner are the words commonly translated 'God' in Hebrew (Elohim) and Greek (ho Theos) in the Bible.

- Christian Apologetics in general.

- Study of Norwegian & Danish (languages) and Scandinavian Christian history- related to my family heritage. This is represented in the third element and word for 'God' in my banner: the Danish/Norwegian words "Fader Gud" (Father God). 


In all my various studies I seek a synthesis of history, culture, theology, and practical present-day applications of the Scriptures in order to increase in the knowledge of God, discover His plans for mankind (past, present, and future), and to walk out the discipleship and apprenticeship to Jesus Christ to my utmost ability.

For more see my About page.


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