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Moral Chaos Follow up PDF Print E-mail

Brief Explanation

I wrote this poem in High School to challenge some of the atheists in my classes to think harder about the meaning of life if there is indeed no God. This poem is not meant to appeal to anyone, rather its purpose is to produce a reaction (you must fall one way or another in your agreement/disagreement with it). One time when I passed this poem around in class one guy sitting behind me handed it back and said, "Man, that's really depressing..." and I kind of nodded my head somberly and took it from him, but then after a few more people read it someone struck gold when another guy handed it back to me and shook his head adamantly right after reading it and said to me, looking me in the eye, "This doesn't apply to me, because I believe in Jesus Christ and he gives me hope in this life and the next." I looked at him and grinned a very satisfied smile and said, "Exactly!".

Those two reactions are the main ones I expect this poem to produce, but I always hope and pray for the latter reaction!

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